Flow House Bangkok – Best Place To Visit In Bangkok

Flow House Bangkok

Flowboarding is a hybrid boardsport evolving since 1980’s. It is a sport combining maneuvers, progression and skills from the extreme sports of skateboading , surfing,  and snowboarding and to a lesser extent, wakeboarding and skimboarding. All these boardsports have a great influence on the fun, style, and direction of flowboarding. Imagine not having to wait for swells or perfect surf conditions or wait for the snow to cover the whole mountain.

Flow House Bangkok is the right place for watersport lovers by bringing swells to the center of Bangkok for surfers. You can enjoy the wave whenever you want. Flow House Bangkok is currently the biggest surfing place in Southeast Asia and is the place where athletes can show off their cool moves.

FlowRider here creates a thin sheet of water flowing over a hill like shape which forms a perfect wave. The fast running water gives athletes the real thrill of surfing. FlowRider is a new innovation in watersports which is fun for everyone from kids to adults. The safety is guaranteed with the standard from the US.

Besides FlowRiders, there is a restaurant for riders who are exhausted from surfing and swimming and also a bar to chill out and relax by chatting or listening to music. You can hold a party or meet with your friends in a private room. Additionally, there is a party every night for all music lovers. Claiming that “Great Food, Cool Drinks, Perfect Waves… Every day!”,  Flow House Bangkok provides a real full service.

The ride price is 550THB/1 hour for weekdays before 6pm, 650THB/1 hour for weekdays after 6 pm and Saturday-Sunday throughout the day. The price includes the use of a flowboard and/or a bodyguard, locker, towel, and toiletries. It is possible to take a break to swim. On every training, there will be a well-trained coach taking care of you.

Flow House Bangkok is located at A-Square, Sukhumvit Soi 26 Klong-Toey, Bangkok 10110. Thailand.